Our Education program gives vulnerable children a chance in life especially orphans, those from poor families, victims of child abuse, domestic violence, from streets and slums, products of child marriages etc.

Such children are culpable and we work to equip them with knowledge and confidence so that they can grow up to healthier and productive livelihoods.

2/3 of families live below the poverty line with most of them living on less than a dollar a day, school fees and scholastic materials is not a walk over

Eventually children drop out and grow up trapped in vicious circle of poverty.

We own a community school , THE GOOD SAMARITAN NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL NAMUSERA where we provide FREE education to 119 SACU registered children aged between 4-16 years (Nursery-p.7) .We provide all the scholastic materials like books, pens, pencils, shoes, Health care and welfare(food and shelter) is all provided with support from the community ,friends and well wishers.

We continue to support them via a community secondary school and our aspiration is to have a technical institute for them to enroll after secondary education.