We emphasize and initiate talent development programs in our children especially soccer, music, Dance, Drama, Visual arts etc.

Investing in talent development creates an opportunity for the children outshine and prosper beyond classrooms.

 The Blace soccer Academy is our soccer talent development initiative with enrollment of 126 young soccer players aged 4-17 years, Our intention is to nurture these young boy’s talents into national and international professional soccer players .This will help them earn a living ,change themselves, families and entire communities at large.

We intend to initiate soccer for girls program to include the enormous talent girls have too. Our Annual Music, Dance and Drama show at our school is a massive event that brings together community members, friends and well wishers and gives a platform to children and youth to show case talents.

Indeed MDD is not only for entertainment and leisure but it’s a one way some one (artiste) can earn a living. Authorities in the entertainment industries are always invited and some youth have been able to join those biggest Entertainment bands and groups in the country.

Generally our school and community program is enriched with activities like Fine arts, creative designing, paintings etc helping a lot in enriching livelihoods.