We are a charity community organization that works towards improving livelihoods vulnerable children like orphans, victims of child marriages, domestic violence, child abuse, teenage mothers and community youth at large.

We started in Jan 2015 and registered the same year in July with Registration number ( WCBO/1168/15)

SACU works with individuals, families, communities, local and international partners to promote community development, empower and enrich livelihoods of vulnerable children, teenage mothers and the youth. SACU work benefits communities regardless of their political affiliations, religions, races, tribes or ethnicities and all programs are tailored to befit needs of children, teenage mothers and the youth

At our early stages, we could give out scholastic materials like books, pen pencils, clothes, shoes etc randomly until we started a full free Education packages to children aged 4-16years (Nursery and Primary Education) at Our Community School Project, THE GOOD SAMARITAN NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL-WAKISO.

  • At school, we have 111 SACU registered children and the need to add on is limited by our capacity
  • A soccer talent development academy(120 children enrolled) aged 4-16
  • Baking, Hair dressing , Arts and crafts program for teenage mothers and school drop outs (girls) reaching 62 young women
  • The computer land project giving basic and advanced computer skills to all. The project aims at skilling 100,000 people in Wakiso and its neighborhood.
  • One million tree projects aims at mobilizing communities and participate in planting 0ne million trees in the next 10 years.



Over the past decade, the number of vulnerable children in our communities have been escalating .At 2004,the number of orphans was estimated to be 1.8M of which the number rose to 2.6 million by 2009.Over one million of those children have lost their parents to HIV/AIDs-related complications making them so vulnerable.

Poverty levels remain record high in Sub Saharan Africa especially Uganda with 21.4% of Ugandans extremely poor translating to 8Million (UNHS 2016/2017 report) while the September 2017 results indicated that poverty was 27.7 % equating to 10m people. Poverty deprives our communities of basic needs like food, shelter, Education housing and the main victims are children and women.

Once communities lack Education, the people can’t excel to their maximum potential resulting into high child marriages, Child abuse, domestic violence, unemployment, drug abuse etc

According to 2017 UBOS report 1/3 girls aged 12-18 in Wakiso district have ever been in marriage making the number of teenage mothers alarmingly high and yet there is no specific programs to develop capacities of such girls(teenage mothers) to help them realize their potential.

Despite of government initiatives to offer free education, health care, skilling programs etc, There was still a big gap left hence the need for formation of SAVE AFRICAN CHILDREN UGANDA (SACU)

The founder and Team leader MR KABUYE  JAMIR grew up as an orphan and his experience gave him passion and courage to start such an initiative to foster community development and sustainability.

Our Motto: Together We Can

Our Mission: Improving livelihoods of vulnerable children and communities in Africa

Our Vision:  Empowering vulnerable children and entire communities so as to create an everlasting impact upon their lives


    • Providing free Education, scholastic materials, health care and general welfare to vulnerable children in the community.


    • Nurture, Develop and promote talents amongst children and youth in the community like Music, Dance, Drama, Soccer, Visual Arts etc


    • Training and skilling of children, teenage mothers and entire youth in skills like Computing, Baking, Welding, Hair dressing, Arts and crafts etc .This helps them to be self reliant or get employed.


    • Sensitize the community especially teenage mothers ,youth and women about reproductive health, HIV/Aids, Drug abuse, Family planning etc


  • Mobilizing and Participating in environmental conservation campaigns like tree planting, cleaning of water sources etc to create a safe and healthy environment and mitigate climate change.