Imparting life skills is a basic and fundamental component of children and community transformation. Skills development supplements the formal Education and also gives a chance to those who either didn’t go to school or dropped out. Highly skilled individuals stand high chances of getting employed or self employment


This a massive computer skilling project that benefits all SACU registered children, teenage mothers, graduates and all kind of people from different walks of life. Unemployment in Uganda is on record high with over 70% have no jobs especially graduates. One of the key causes is youth lack basic skills that employers look out for. Our training programs emphasize practical skilling from computer use basics to advanced levels like apps and software development. The program intends to train at least 100,000 people in a period of 5 years.


The baking and confectionery program is well tailored in our school and community activities. Our children are trained to make simple snacks like Daddies, crisps, biscuits where as the youth and mothers bake cakes, Bread, Mandazzi which they sell to supermarkets and shops to earn a living.

We intend to be among the top suppliers of confectioneries within and outside the community


Hair dressing, plaiting ,weaving are some of the simplest skills youth especially teenage mothers and school drop outs can learn and earn a living out of it. The requirements for learning are affordable and customers for hair dressing are readily available.

16 female youth are enrolled in the training program that runs every weekend at our school premises and some are already earning a living out of it.

Others skills development projects include Arts and crafts where weaving of mats, necklaces and bangles are made from local materials like banana fibers, polyethene papers, plastics, papers etc are also available

The training are inclusive, simple and accommodative

Among the participants always include People with Disabilities (PWDs), women and elderly.